About Us

What Gravy?

We're not talking about Grandma's secret gravy recipe that makes you drool at every holiday. We're talking about that gravy that every business owner, manager, marketer, consultant, contractor, etc. wants to make in order to go from eating a plain turkey (or tofurkey) dinner to one with all the fixin's - or, in business terms, to graduate from simply clearing expenses to consistently turning a profit. With the right recipe for your business, we can help you to pour on the gravy your brand deserves!

Founded in 2015 by Jackie Stamp of Portsmouth, NH, The Gravy Lab is run by a dynamic group of humans interested in helping businesses thrive. After a decade of learning the ins & outs of lead generation, business management, sales, web development, and social media marketing, we decided to put our heads together and cook up something savory for those in need of more professional flavor. Combined with an external network of technical gurus who know more than we do, The Gravy Lab plays on our strongest skills to ensure balance, productivity, character, and results.